Salon Perfect Little Black Lash 641, 2 Pairs

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Essential To Every Lash Wardrobe

Inspired by the iconic LBD, Salon Perfect’s Little Black Lash is your ultimate go-to lash wardrobe staple. Universally
flattering and infinitely wearable, its magic lies in its timeless versatility. It takes you from looking effortlessly
chic by day to stepping out glamorously by night. The built-in liner rims your eyes with intense definition, while
6D fibers with Split Tip technology add the perfect amount of dimension for a fluffy, natural finish. Dawn to dusk,
they’re always the right pair to wear!


Before applying Custom-Eyes lashes, thoroughly clean you rnatural eyelashes and eyelids so they are makeup and oil free. Create your own lash look. Use more for a full look, less for accents, or to simply fill in gaps.

Pour 2-3 drops of Individual Lash Adhesive onto a small piece of foil. Tightly close bottle to prevent spills or drying out.

Gently grasp a single lash with tweezers near knotted end and pull from tray.

Dip knotted end of lash into adhesive. Do not fully coat lash as more adhesive does not improve adhesion.

Starting at outer corner of eye, place las on top of natural lash with knotted end as close to eyelid without touching it. Apply lashes towards inner corner of eye.

To Remove Lashes: Custome-Eyes Individual lashes are easily removed by using specially formulated Easy Off Remover. Remove lashes from one eye at a time. Place a tissue over the lower lid and partially close your eye. Dip an eyeliner brush into the Easy Off Remover. Gently stronke along the lash line until adhesive softens. Remove lashes without pulling. Repeat if necessary.