Salon Perfect Tips & Toes Kit Va Va Vroom Matching Lacquer & Nail Set

Item Number 92212
Size 0.125 fl oz

Perfectly Matched Press-ons and Polish
Match your pedi to your press-ons with Salon Perfect’s Tips & Toes artificial nail and lacquer sets. Everything you need for perfectly matched nails in a pinch, available in an array of our bestselling shades.

(Step 1) Clean and lightly buff nail.
(Step 2) Select a nail tip that fits your natural nail.
(Step 3) Apply a thin, even coat of glue to the underside of nail.
(Step 4) Place nail tip over natural nail and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds.
(Step 5) Trim nails to desired length and shape.

To Remove: Rock the nails back and forth slightly while they are soaking in warm, soapy water. This will help loosen the adhesive. If this method does not work, soak nails in acetone until adhesive dissolves.

NAIL GLUE WARNINGS: NAIL GLUE BONDS SKIN INSTANTLY. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES, MOUTH AND SKIN. Keep away from children. Eyelid bonding: consult a physician. Skin bonding: soak and ease apart gently. Not for use in the area of the eye.

Lacquer Warnings: FLAMMABLE. DO NOT USE NEAR HEAT OR FLAME. Keep away from children