Salon Perfect UV/LED Gel Lamp

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Mini Yet Mighty UV/LED Gel Lamp
Cure your salon-worthy gel mani at home or on the go with Salon Perfect’s mini UV/LED lamp, designed to use with our One-Step Gel Pen System. State-of-the-art dual wavelength technology evenly cures Gel Pen color in one minute, delivering a glossy professional finish. The compact lamp comes with a USB cord to connect to your computer, charger or power bank and folds up for manis on the move!

APPLICATION: 1. Buff nails to remove natural shine and clean off debris.
2. GENTLY squeeze tube until gel appears in brush tip.
3. Apply a THIN even coat of gel to nails covering the free edge and avoiding the cuticle area.
CURING: 1. Place nails close together directly under the Salon Perfect UV/LED gel lamp light.
2. Cure for 1 minute, slightly tilting nails from side to side while under the lamp to ensure all sides of the nail cure.
3. Cure thumbs separately.
4. Apply additional THIN even coats until desired coverage is achieved.
REMOVAL STEPS: 1. Buff the top layer of gel with a file.
2. Place a cotton pad soaked in acetone on top of nail.
3. Secure in place by wrapping fingertip with foil.
4. Let soak for 10 minutes before removing.

PRODUCT CARE: Wipe off excess gel from brush tip before storing.