Supernatural Underlash Extension Kit

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Lash up weekly with Salon Perfect’s Supernatural Under Lash Extensions kit. Applied to the underside of lashes for an undetectable look that hides the band, these fluffy, full clusters show up beautifully because they’re more voluminous than other DIY extensions. All you need for up to 7 days of super natural lashes: 30 clusters, bond & seal, applicator & remover.

•Longwear Underlash Extensions Kit 
•Superior Lash-To-Lash Adhesion
•30 patented clusters in 4 lengths, 8mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm
•Up to 4 Applications

Step 1: Brush BOND underneath natural lashes at the base. DO NOT drag bond through tips of lashes, doing this will create a clumpy lash look.
Step 2: Remove lash cluster from tray using applicator tip and apply cluster underneath natural lashes starting from either the outer or inner corner. Line up base of cluster next to waterline for a seamless look. Add clusters next to each other until desired look is achieved.
Step 3: Once in position, pinch clusters and natural lashes together using applicator tip to fuse for a long wear extension effect.
Step 4: Dab a light coat of SEAL over the base of clusters to remove tacky residue and prolong wear.

REMOVAL: Apply remover solution to a cotton puff and press onto eyes for 15 seconds. Carefully wipe down to remove lash clusters. Apply more remover and repeat downward wiping motion as needed until all lash clusters are removed. CAREFUL not to get any remover solution in your eye.

REUSE: Once removed, place clusters onto towel and saturate with remover solution. After 15 seconds, wipe clusters to remove BOND & SEAL and place back onto tray for storage.

WARNING: Keep Out of Reach of Children.
Avoid Contact with Skin, Mouth, and Eyes.
External Use Only. Use Only As Directed.